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Gi'n'Gi hats online shop

Entirely Made in Italy by Italian artisans, our hats reveal the Tuscan ingenuity and the beauty of our land, and gaze beyond, towards new horizons.

Tradition and innovation are wisely combined into fresh modern-day collections that are the result of a careful study of shapes and colors, and of a passionate search for new materials and trends.

At the same time, our hats never compromise the retro touch that makes them fascinating and timeless.

A matter of style

Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel

Hats and accessories are carefully developed to ensure that each item is a small gem capable of evoking thoughts, colours, images and feelings, thus conveying a sought-after touch to your style.

An elegant Panama or a flat cap, a cloche or a turban, Gi’n’Gi hats can lead you to the discovery of unknown destinations or frame your face whenever you want to feel special. They are suitable for both everyday challenges and the most refined lifestyles.

A milliner knows better: much more than an accessory, a headgear completes the most simple outfit and makes it unique. It conveys thousands of nuances: classic, elegant, trendy, bold, innovative.

Dive into Gi’n’Gi collections and discover their details. Choose the tone for your style with the hats of our collections and customized hats.