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We dream, design and develop unique hats and accessories for those who love to stand out.

Gi’n’Gi a fresh and modern-day brand, supported by all the experience of the family company, We offer high millinery creations displaying excellent make and the knowhow of artisans who have been creating fashion items for many many years.

The experience of Gi’n’Gi millinery

From being useful and indispensable garments to becoming stylish accessories, hats are today in the foreground of the most famous designers’ collections.

Since 1944, when our grandfather established the family company, designers and fashion shows tickle our professionalism thanks to close collaborations with many brands, leaders in the fashion industry. We support them in:

  • Production
  • Study and development of new styles
  • Sample creation
  • Development of items for special events

100% Made in Italy

All processing steps are developed in-house: from designing the model to studying the buckram fabrics, from cutting placement to consumption calculation, from assembling to ironing, up to packaging.

This is what makes our hats 100% Made in Italy.

We like to learn

We strongly believe in experience. This is why we are open to new stimulating collaborations and  dedicate great flexibility and clear focus to the needs of every single client.

The Gi’n’Gi collection

Every season new creations come to life in our laboratories from the combination of our admiration for classic and timeless styles and our curiosity for new fabrics, developed by the most modern technologies.

The deep love for our land is our leitmotif: Tuscany inspires us with its nuances and textures. When you put a hat on you are wearing the colour of the flowers or the winter sky.