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Handmade hats: a timeless elegance

The elegance of Gi’n’Gi handmade hats never goes out of fashion, they are iconic items that endure through time without losing their character, their beauty and their quality.

This is why every collection can be worn endlessly and our outlet area allows you to draw fully from the creative richness of Gi’n’Gi at competitive prices.

Buying outlet hats is a collector’s choice, it makes hats featuring great make and materials easily accessible at a low price and allows indulging in the luxury of a well-equipped wardrobe.

Your personal taste will guide you in the process of choosing amongst particular hats, extravagant hats or maybe more classic luxury hats. Outlet hats and caps allow you to enrich your wardrobe with various Made in Italy artisanal hats featuring the highest quality and make.

Not only fashionable hats: treating yourself with an item of a past collection gives your style verve and originality. The choice between fashionable hats and unusual, iconic hats is a matter of personality.

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Online hats: how to choose

Do you like a specific hat? Look at its proportions, consider the materials, study the details and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Our online outlet hats’ sale allows you to choose hats, caps and accessories featuring materials and artisanal knowhow of the highest quality.